Countries That Start With C

Of the 195 countries on the planet, there are a number of nations that begin with C. Out of these, 1 is in North America, 2 are in South America, Asia, and the Caribbean, 3 in Europe, and 7 in Africa.

Country List That Name Begins With The Letter ‘C’

Countries That Start With C

Aside from sharing the primary letter of their names, a portion of these nations share boundaries, societies, and environments. Particular contrasts should be visible in different perspectives like populace thickness, actual size, and religion.

What about a fascinating truth? China, the greatest among these nations has a populace that is in excess of multiple times that of the multitude of different nations consolidated.

Keep reading for additional bits of knowledge on every one of the nations.


In order, Cambodia is the first among nations that beginning with C. This is a Southeast Asian country that borders Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Pacific Ocean.

Cambodians number around 15 million with the larger part being Buddhists. The biggest ethnic gathering is made of the Khmers at around 98%. Khmer, English, and French are normal dialects.

The nation encounters a heat and humidity described by unmistakable dry and wet seasons. Cambodia has biodiverse creatures and plants that make up the majority of the country’s vacation spots.


Cameroon is a West African country that is home to a combination of different societies, religions, and more than 300 dialects. Cameroonians basically practice Christianity and Islam.

Their way of life is native African with impacts from its colonizers, France and Britain. Crossing at around 183,569 square miles, the nation is home to the north of 26 million individuals and boundaries Nigeria and the Central African republic.

Frequently, Cameroon is alluded to as ‘Africa in smaller than usual in light of the fact that it has a large portion of the normal elements you will find in Africa-mountains, deserts, woods, natural life, and seashores among others. All things considered, its environment likewise shifts from one area to another.


Canada is second among the greatest nations on the planet. It is found north of the US and it ranges across 33% of the North American landmass. English and French are their true dialects.

Queen Elizabeth is the dominant ruler since the nation is represented by an established government. A large portion of the country’s around 38 million residents is Christians.

It encounters a mainland environment with cruel winters in certain spots and semi-bone-dry circumstances in others. Canada is home to a portion of the world’s best attractions like Niagara Falls, one of the seven normal miracles of the world.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is the littlest island country among nations that begin with C. It is an assortment of 10 volcanic islands and a few islets situated in the focal Atlantic Ocean.

Did you have any idea that both the dad of advancement, Charles Darwin, and the renowned pilgrim, Christopher Columbus have visited Cape Verde?

With an energetic culture, pleasant landscapes, excellent seashores, world legacy destinations, and volcanic mountains, the nation is a joy for explorers. The subtropical environment likewise makes it a throughout the entire year traveler objective.

Cape Verde’s region is 1557 sq mi with an expected populace of 554,470 individuals. Most Cape Verdeans are Christians whose culture is a mix of African and European practices.

The Central African Republic

As the name infers, the Central African Republic (CAR) is right at the focal point of Africa lining Chad, Sudan, and the two Congos.

The Central African Republic is a landlocked country with a populace of somewhat over 4.5 million. The vast majority of individuals are Christians. French and Sango (a nearby language) are the authority dialects.

Its way of life is impacted by conventional and moderate strict practices. The majority of the country’s delightful attractions like cascades, woods, natural life, and streams remain unutilized because of a continuous common conflict.


Chad is a north focal African country that borders Sudan and Niger. It is named after the second-biggest wetland in Africa, Lake Chad. Galleries, public parks, mountains, lakes, and gullies in the desert make guests want more and more.

The ethnic gatherings in Chad practice autonomous societies with a typical French impact. The greater part is Muslims, followed intently by Christians and different religions.

33% of Chad, on the north, is covered by the Sahara desert which causes a desert environment. The focal and the southern parts experience semi-desert and heat and humidities separately.


Chile is a South American country lining Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. It has quite possibly the most interesting shape; a limited strip stretching out along the Pacific Ocean toward the west.

68% of the around 18 million Chileans are Christians. Spanish is the public language in the country, whose populace involves around 64% whites.

Chile has a different environment impacted by the Atacama Desert (north), icy masses (east and south), and a more than 3,720 mile-long shoreline. Stunning Chilean landscapes to visit incorporate subpolar backwoods, the earth’s driest desert, and Easter Island.


Among nations that begin with C, China is the most crowded. It is likewise the third-biggest country on the planet by region. Situated in East Asia, it borders 19 sovereign states, on account of a landline that traverses 13,743 miles.

China’s 1.43 billion individuals represent around 18.5% of the world’s complete populace. The greater part of these are Chinese speakers and the greater part are non-strict.

The nation’s way of life is affected by nearby factions that follow the lessons of Confucius, a renowned antiquated Chinese logician, that underscores work, family, and social agreement.

China has a different environment and the absolute best attractions on the planet. Such incorporate the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, and the Forbidden City.


Colombia is a South American country that borders five nations, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The name was gotten from Christopher Columbus, the popular Italian adventurer’s last name.

Colombians are around 50 million with 90% of them being Christians. The nation has assorted societies from locals, outsiders from Europe and the Middle East, and African slaves who settled there.

Have you heard Waka, the authority 2010 FIFA world cup tune? Or then again Hips Don’t Lie? These are hit tunes from Shakira-conceived in Barranquilla, Colombia. The nation likewise flaunts seashores, recorded locales, and various eco-frameworks.

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