Countries That Start With I

There are nine nations whose names start with the letter I. They are Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, and the Ivory Coast.

Countries That Start With I

India has the biggest populace out of all nations with the letter “I” and Iceland has the most minimal populace. Out of the nine nations that start with Letter I, Two are in Europe, One is in Africa, and Five is in Asia.

Which Countries Start With I?


With its area in the North Atlantic, Iceland is home to the absolute biggest glacial masses in Europe. Aside from ice, the nation is additionally popular for its volcanic highlights. The glacial masses and volcanoes have procured Iceland the epithet “the land of fire and ice.” The nation encounters long days throughout the late spring with right around 24 hours of daylight. The Gullfoss cascade on the Hvita River is one of the fundamental vacation destinations in Iceland. Other wonderful locales incorporate Thingvellir Park, Latrabjarg Sea Cliffs, Lake Myvatn, and the Dettifoss cascades.


India is a South Asian country with the second biggest populace on the planet. India’s capital, New Delhi, has more than 9 million individuals out of the over 1.2 billion individuals living in the whole country. The name “India” was gotten from the River Indus. The nation is known for its various celebrations including Diwali, Durga Puja, Rakshabandhan, among others. India celebrates and sticks to celebrations, all things considered. Vacationers from across the world travel to India to encounter these festivals. The baffling adoration for flavors and adornments among Indians likewise places India on the worldwide guide. Bollywood, India’s film industry, is one of the biggest film businesses on the planet.


In the event that you are an admirer of good espresso, Indonesia is a country to visit. “Java Coffee” was brought into the world in Indonesia having being named after the island of Java. Sumatra espresso is likewise from Indonesia. Komodo Island in Indonesia is home to the Komodo winged serpent that is found no place else on the planet. Indonesia is additionally well known for its different food. The nation is home to in excess of 250 million individuals who hail from various ethnic gatherings.


In spite of the conflicts and armed conflicts in Iran, the nation holds 10% of the world’s oil saves. Iran siphons very nearly 4 million barrels of oil day by day. After oil, the Iranian second-biggest product ware is covered. Iranian floor coverings are known all through the world for their remarkable weaving. Iran is an Islamic state thus Islamic culture is generally stuck to.

Islamic practices, for example, wearing hijabs are followed rigorously. Extraordinarily, Iran has the most noteworthy pace of nose occupations on the planet, with Iranian ladies regularly looking for this restorative medical procedure. The Iranians’ interest in “the ideal nose” is supposed to be ascribed to the hijab clothing standard which places a bigger spotlight on the face.


This middle eastern nation is believed to be home to the Biblical Garden of Eden. It is additionally said that Abraham hailed from Iraq since the Bible says he was from Ur, which is in southern Iraq. Bedouins establish 80% of Iraq’s populace, trailed by Kurds, Turkomen, Chaldean, and Assyrians. In spite of the brutalities of war experienced in Iraq, the nation is attempting to revamp itself from steady terrorist attacks. The nation actually stays rich with its superb history. A portion of the ideas designed in Iraq north of 100 years prior incorporate Algebra, pediatrics, and the renowned story ‘Alibaba and the Forty Thieves’.


Otherwise called the Emerald Isle, Ireland is evaluated second on the planet in having a beer. Ireland has well-known breweries like Guinness, Harp Lager, and Smithwick’s. Bourbon was additionally designed in Ireland by Irish priests in the twelfth century. The nation is additionally known for the Saint Patrick Day festivity and the way that Ireland is a sans snake island. Ireland flaunts top-notch golf objections like the Royal Portrush Golf Club. Different games normal in Ireland are rugby, horse racing, and football. The Galway Races, held each year, is a famous horse racing occasion in the country.


Israel is viewed by Christians as the Biblical Holy Land. The Israeli town of Jerusalem has numerous hallowed locales for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Such destinations incorporate the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and The Temple Mount. This Middle Eastern nation has experienced a ton of struggles with its Arabic neighbors and has arisen successfully in practically this multitude of wars. Popular fascination destinations in Israel incorporate the Dead Sea, Yad Vashem, Sea of Galilee, Eilat, Bahai Gardens among different locales.


Italy is a European country popular for its way of life, craftsmanship, and scrumptious food. Pizza, a famous cheap food devoured around the world, follows its beginnings in Italy. It was created in the Italian city of Naples. In the design business, Italy is referred to for creating huge names like Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, and Gucci. The style week, one of the world’s greatest design occasions is held in Milan consistently. Italy additionally creates wine and olive oil. The city of Rome is a well-known traveler goal because of its rich authentic locales.

Ivory Coast

Situated in West Africa, Ivory Coast is likewise alluded to as Cote d’Ivoire in the French language. The name Ivory Coast was taken on from the nation’s exchange of ivory which finished in the eighteenth century. The nation is the world’s biggest cocoa maker. Ivory Coast is likewise home to the world’s greatest church, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace situated in Yamoussoukro. Wonderful public stops, for example, Tai and Camoe National Parks are staggering vacationer locations in the Ivory Coast. The notable Nimba Mountain is likewise an amazing sight. Yamoussoukro is the political capital and Abidjan fills in as the financial capital of the country.

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