Countries That Start With L

The letter L isn’t one to be messed with. While it is basically difficult to name one letter as more significant than the following, it is surely difficult to envision the world without our cherished L. Without it there would be no “love,” “licking” would be “icking,” and “likes” would simply be “ikes” which would be excessively near “wow.”

Countries That Start With L

There is a sum of six nations on Earth that start with the letter L, and each has its own remarkable story. How could they become, and where do their names start? Here is a short look, in sequential request.

Beginning Of Country Names That Start With The Letter L


The nation of Laos has a precarious history tracing all the way back to before 2000 BCE. Strangely, while westerners articulate the ‘s’ toward the finish of this nation’s name, the individuals who live there don’t. Laos was essential for the French domain of Southeast Asia in the late nineteenth century, with their standing in the nation finishing after World War II. Therefore, a critical minority of Laos communicates in French, and French is frequently utilized as a business language.

The name “Laos” alludes to the Lao public, who are the predominant ethnic gathering in the nation today. This group addresses a line of the Tai individuals who began in the central area, Southeast Asia. By the eighth century CE, the Tai public had a huge realm in southwestern China.

Over hundreds of years, the Lao and Tai individuals grouped together and assumed control over the areas in which Indigenous individuals were living in what the future holds Laos. Also, the rest is history.


Like Lithuania, which likewise winds up on this rundown, Latvia has its foundations in the Baltic public, an Indo-European gathering from the Baltic Sea area who arrived at this locale as soon as 3000 BCE. Found in northeastern Europe verging on Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, and Russia, this nation acquired its autonomy from the U.S.S.R in 1991, finishing many years of unfamiliar decision that started in the late eighteenth century.

The name “Latvia” comes from “Latgalians,” the Baltic sub-bunch that got comfortable present Latvia. These individuals were one of four Baltic gatherings. This locale was additionally attacked by the German Saxons during the 1200s, with their disliked rule here enduring 300 years.


Lebanon is situated along the Mediterranean ocean. A nearby neighbor to both Syria and Israel, its populace is a combination of many societies that have both lived around here for millennia and attempted to vanquish it.

From the beginning, this region was home to the Semitic Canaanites, whom the Greeks called “Phoenicians.” This was on the grounds that they sold purple color with a comparable name. These early occupants called their territory Lebanon and alluded to themselves as “Men of Sidon.”

The name “Lebanon” is said to come from the Semitic root that signifies “white” or “milk”, regarding the snow-covered pinnacle of Mount Lebanon. The earliest recorded employments of this name date back to the Epic of Gilgamesh, from 2900 BCE.

At one time a French province, free Lebanon was once a conspicuous state in the Arab world, a financial focus and political capital. This changed after a drawn-out common conflict, enduring from 1975 to 1990. From that point forward, the nation has been running after accomplishing political and monetary dependability, yet there have been and will keep on being, many obstacles.


Located in southern Africa, Lesotho is named for the Sotho individuals who live in the high prairies of this area. The country’s set of experiences returns quite far. In the Neolithic Period which began around 10,000 BCE, likewise called the New Stone Age, Lesotho was possessed by tracker finders who additionally cultivated and got across the verdant areas of Southern Africa. They, later on, got comfortable in the Caledon River valley, turning into the best trackers nearby.

After a long history of political independence which can be authorized to its uneven territory forestalling infringement, the land we currently call Lesotho turned into a British province in 1959 under the name Basutoland. In any case, they accomplished their freedom a couple of years after the fact in 1966, and with that came the name under which they are known today


Liberia, which sits on the western shore of Africa, has a remarkable history. Curiously, this nation is Africa’s most seasoned republic. Liberia was laid out by the American Colonization Society in 1822 and is the main Black state on the landmass to have never been exposed to frontier rule. It was set up as a spot for recently liberated slaves from the US to live.

The American Colonization Society was framed by whites in the US because of the expanding number of liberated Black previous slaves in the country. The intentions of the individuals from this gathering were wide: some were abolitionists and accepted previous slaves reserved an option to get back to their property of beginning assuming they wished, and others felt that the ascent of free Black individuals in the US represented a danger to whites in the country.

A few previous slaves went to Liberia voluntarily and others were “in all actuality their opportunity” provided that they consented to venture out back to this area of Africa, leaving the US. “Liberia” alludes to the “free land” these individuals came to call home.


Arranged on the Mediterranean Sea and lined by Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Egypt, the North African nation of Libya traces all the way back to around 8000 BCE. This nation was home to Neolithic individuals who raised cows and developed crops and is currently popular for being loaded with oil and led by Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Many groups have been involved in the region since the Neolithic people groups, including the Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Vandals, and Byzantines. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was attacked and involved by the Arabs prior to turning out to be essential for the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century.

It went through different periods under the Ottoman rule where it was for all intents and purposes independent, the three unmistakable locales making it stay separate strategically and financially before Italy attacked in 1911 and asserted Libya as a province. It was during the Italian decision that this land became known as Libya, and the three districts were bound together notwithstanding uniting them socially.

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