Top Fertilizer Companies in India

Fertilizer stocks have begun to see a comparative one-way rally like PSU bank stocks as of late.

The explanation? The sharp spike is seen on the back for two reasons…

First is good faith in front of the Union Budget 2023 and the second reason is the cutoff time for Russia’s burden of product charge on fertilizers.

Top Fertilizer Companies in India

As per reports, the middle might declare an ascent in the endowment on urea in the forthcoming Union Budget.

In the interim, we could see a product boycott or increment of charges for Russian-traded Fertilizers.

Both these reasons are a major positive for the business, which is confronting supply imperatives post-Russia-Ukraine war.

Agriculture and Fertilizer, being significant areas, are dependably on investors’ radar in front of any year’s spending plan. This time around, investors are expecting an endowment.

Back in January 2022, we kept in touch with you about the top Fertilizer stocks and top agriculture stocks in India.

Top Fertilizer Stocks to Look Out for

The agriculture area has been somewhat of an oddity. Notwithstanding utilizing the greatest lump of the populace in India, its commitment to the GDP (Gross domestic product) is dreary.

In the midst of India’s monetary turn of events, this area has been abandoned. There are as yet expanding voids in the framework despite everything an excess of dependence on the rain gods.

The underlying Coronavirus period caused ruin in the promotion of horticultural produce. This caused colossal vulnerability in the personalities of ranchers.

The requirement for food security and a longing to help poor and minimal ranchers prompted a flood of strategy measures. What followed was the government declaring a slew of strategies pointed toward expanding earnings for ranchers.

As things stand now, the viewpoint for the area appears to be exceptionally uplifting.

The Top Fertilizer Organizations in India

Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals

Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals is a producer of urea and di-ammonium phosphate (DAP).

It’s the biggest producer of urea in the confidential area with an introduced limit of 1.5 m tons per annum (MTPA).

The organization’s sections incorporate fertilizers and other agri inputs, own fabricated phosphoric corrosive, material, transportation, and others.

It was additionally taken part in the software business. However, in 2021, it sold assets and moved specific liabilities of the business to stop the software operations.

The firm has a wide dissemination organization of 3,700 sellers and 50,000 retailers in the nation over. It has a presence in states like J&K, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and others. It approaches 90% of the absolute market size of fertilizers in India.

For the September 2022 quarter, the net benefit of Chambal Fertilizers rose 15.8% to Rs 5.1 bn against Rs 4.4 bn during a similar quarter a year ago.

Coromandel International

Coromandel International is a piece of the Murugappa Group. The Group has a presence across different enterprises, for example, auto parts, abrasives, monetary administrations, transmission frameworks, cycles, sugars, ranch inputs, Fertilizers, estates, and so on.

The organization is one of India’s driving agri solution suppliers. It offers a different scope of items and administrations across the cultivating value chain.

It spends significant time in fertilizers, crop protein, bio-pesticide, specialty supplements, natural Fertilizers, and so on. The organization disperses its items through an organization of 20,000 sellers and a 2,000+ market improvement group.

It possesses and works 16 assembling offices across India in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and different areas.

Coromandel International offers have failed to meet expectations over the most recent year, declining by around 8%. Financial backer certainty has been impacted by the sporadic monsoon.

Rama Phosphates

Rama Phosphates (RPL) is one of the main phosphatic Fertilizer makers, for example, single super phosphate (SSP) Fertilizer producing, in India.

The organization likewise creates oleum, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium (NPK), de-oiled cake, and soya oil.

Its brand name brands, ‘Suryaphool’ and ‘Girnar’ are very much perceived in the cultivating local area.

On the monetary front, Rama Phosphates’ net profit rose 101.1% to Rs 227.2 m in the quarter finished September 2021 against Rs 113 m during the past quarter in 2020. The organization’s solid exhibition was on the rear of higher functional income.

Throughout the course of recent years, the organization has conveyed great benefit development of 39.3% build yearly development rate (CAGR).

Apart from that, pro-investor, Dolly Khanna has gotten an extra stake in this multi-bagger manure stock, according to the December 2021 shareholding information.

Dolly Khanna has purchased around 0.4% stake in Rama Phosphate, taking the complete holding to almost 2.3%, or 4 lakh value partakes in the organization.

The Fertilizer stock over the most recent one-year has conveyed multi-bagger returns of 320%, while in a month’s time, it has acquired 31%

Dharamsi Morarji Substance

Dharamsi Morarji Substance organization is participated in assembling mass Chemicals and specialty Chemicals utilized in ventures like drugs, cleansers, colors, and so forth.

This smallcap organization was among the principal maker of sulphuric acid and phosphate fertilizers in India.

It’s a multi-item, multi-locational organization and has arisen as the single biggest maker of SSP in India as well as a significant maker of weighty synthetic compounds.

It has two main offices situated in Roha and Dahej.

The organization is upheld by various key clients including Alkyl Amines, IPCA, Apcotex, Aurobindo, Dow, Deepak Nitrite, Pidilite and so forth.

The organization kept areas of strength for in incomes in September 2022 quarter as the incomes expanded 61% to Rs 725.3 m against Rs 497.7 m in a similar period last year. The development is because of higher acknowledgment and direct expansion in volumes.

Deepak Fertilizers

Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals (DFPCL) is an Indian producer of modern and rural synthetic substances, crop supplements, and Fertilizers. It additionally owns real estate.

The organization has showcased fertilizers under the brand name of ‘Mahadhan’ starting around 1990.

Deepak Fertilizers is one of the biggest producers of synthetic substances in India. It produces specialized ammonium nitrate (mining Chemicals), modern synthetic substances, and harvest sustenance. These items include explosives, mining, foundation, and medical services.

As of late, Deepak Fertilizers’ Smartchem Technologies, a completely claimed auxiliary, said that Odisha’s Central Clergyman Naveen Patnaik had established the groundwork stone for a Rs 22 bn specialized ammonium nitrate complex.

The complex, situated at the Gopalpur Modern Park, will have a yearly limit of 377-kilo ton and is booked for authorization by August 2024.

When finished, the venture will assist Odisha with turning into a key stock hotspot for specialized ammonium nitrate, serving the whole Eastern district, from where a greater part of future mining development is supposed to come.

This looks good for the organization.


Given the significance of farming, the Fertilizer business is one that the Indian economy can’t easily overlook.

The portion of farming in GDP (Gross domestic product) expanded to 19.9% in 2020-21 from 17.8% in 2019-20. The last time the commitment was this high was in 2003-04.

Agribusiness is a daily existence supporting industry and it offers incredible speculation potential opportunities.

Nonetheless, not all rural stocks are something similar. Every business has its own arrangement of worries. While concluding which rural stocks are reasonable, inspect how these opportunities and dangers fit with your investment preferences.

Search for organizations that are advancing. Think agritech, which has tremendous undiscovered possibilities. In spite of the fact that at an early stage, agritech will undoubtedly impact how the farming business is finished.

To conclude, with regard to effective money management, the stock you pick should be dependable. Investors ought to place their cash into a firm that has a demonstrated history of progress.

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